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Business Card Design

Whether you are a real estate agent, a financial advisor or the owner of a prestigious banquet hall, an appropriately designed business card is invaluable. Vision Design carries out business card design, logo design and brochure design in a timely fashion, with impressive results. Graphic design, namely business card design, is a carefully planned, meticulously orchestrated endeavour with the aim of creating an image that is bold, brilliant and exudes excellence.

There is no set template for a business card design. Each will be unique and beautiful in its own way. Some business card designs are of odd shapes like water droplets, while others are undersized (1.125” x 3.75”). Business cards are important first impression makers, as they will be used to spread the word about your business, network with other professionals and simply hand out to customers and clients. Vision Design ensures that our clients’ business cards are designed with their company’s vision, principals and core mission in mind. Sometimes less is more, yet other times, more is not enough. Business card design isn’t a science, and cannot be broken down to any particular set of universal fundamentals. Business card design is an art form demanding keen attention to detail, an extremely creative mind and a knack for colour matching and pattern integration.

Considerations for business card design:

  • Vision Design pays close attention to the size and colour of your business card, as this is one of the first perceived elements of your business card
  • Vision Design designs business cards with colour that are complementary, and mix in with one another as opposed to compete for your attention
  • The design of a business card needs to say more than just who you are and what you do, it has to have a larger presence behind it
  • Business card designs goes beyond the layout, colour scheme and text font used for the card…the actual material and finish of the business card can be imaginatively designed as well
  • Business cards can be finished with UV coating, matte lamination, gloss lamination, soft touch lamination, foil stamping, embossing, die cutting and other options