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Logo Design

Vision Design has experience in web design, graphic design, logo design, business card design, brochure design and poster design. Logo design is arguably the most important of all design work because it is a symbol for companies that can appear hundreds or thousands of times, in a number of places. The significance of a well-designed, creative and innovative logo is often overlooked. Logo design is a service that is carried out promptly by our team of seasoned graphic artists/designers.

Importance of a well thought-out logo design:

  • as the principal visual representation of a business, a logo is much more than a few squiggly lines with your company’s name somewhere in between
  • a well-designed logo could be the focal point of your marketing strategy
  • Vision Design designs logos with the intention that they will serve as the face of your company
  • a unique, authentic and original logo design is becoming increasingly more important in today’s competitive marketplace so as to give businesses a chance to stand out

Sometimes Less is More
Over our years of experience designing websites, logos and business cards, we have come to understand that sometimes less is more. There is no limit to how creative or imaginative one can get working on a logo design project, however, sometimes it pays to stay in control. Certain industries, such as those that cater to the upper middle or high class, can actually benefit more from a simple, elegant and sharp logo design than an overly busy, colourful one. Vision Design has designed a number of logos, business cards, posters and websites, and can say from experience that for particular clients, simple, bold shades coupled with a straightforward outline worked best.